Wall Music Special

is the digital publication of our vinyl releases.
The release date is every 6 – 12 Months after the vinyl release.

You can get our WMSPC Releases in every good sorted Onlinestore.


WMSPC010 – Michael Schwarz – She Doesn’t Ask For
Incl. Dj Emerson Remix


Artists DJ Emerson, Michael Schwarz
Release Date 2015-01-28
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC010

Description We are happy to announce our newest ep by Michael Schwarz . his sound is unique and sounds like rolling kicks, deep basses, spheric waves with many variations of rides and hats. Remix comes from Dj Emerson, known from famous label CLR

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/she-doesnt-ask-for/1432639



WMSPC009 – Jeff Rushin – Obsceen / Obscuur
Incl. Giorgio Gigli & Mike Wall Remix


Artists Giorgio Gigli, Mike Wall, Jeff Rushin
Release Date 2014-12-03
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC009

Description After a sold-out first Ep on “Wall Music Limited” here comes the second Ep Obsceen Obscuur. Incl. Giorgio Gigli (Electric Deluxe) & Mike Wall Remix

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/obsceen-obscuur/1392791




WMSPC008 – Mekas – Pervert Disco
incl. Flug Remix


Artists Flug, Mekas
Release Date 2014-09-23
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC008

Description Perverse disco perverse disco! Dark synths, dark elements. simply perverse. After several releases on DerHut, CDM and his own label Aula Magna Records, the label he has created with Seph, Pablo Denegri and Qik, we look forward to his newest Ep, coming out on our Imprint Wall Music Limited. Incl a Massive Remix from Flug (Sleaze Record)

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/pervert-disco/1361349


WMSPC007 – Mike Wall – Out of Hell
incl. Yan Cook & Felix Lorusso Remix


Artists Yan Cook, Felix Lorusso, Mike Wall
Release Date 2014-07-14
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC007

Description After his first vinyl on his own label Wall Music Limited he published his second Ep Out of Hell. Mean, evil, screw synths …. There are remixes by Yan Cook, known by Octave’s label Silent Steps and Felix Lorusso, known by DerHut Records or by Blank Code.

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/out-of-hell/1318939

WMSPC006 – Tex-Rec & Dugong – Cry Baby Cry But Time Will Not Change Anything

Artists Tex-Rec, Dugong
Release Date 2014-05-21
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC006

Description After several techno releases, we are pleased to publish this Ep. Tex-rec known from NachtStrom Schallplatten presents us with dugong, a masterpiece of music.

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/cry-baby-cry-but-time-will-not-change-anything/1287474





WMSPC005 – Geoff Bell – A Strange Happen

Artists Geoff Bell
Release Date 2014-03-05
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC005

Description In addition to his successful releases as Anneke laurent we look forward to welcoming a new artist. Geoff Bell. His sound is raw, dark, mechanically. Already played & supported by : richie hawtin, Dubfire, DVS1, Submerge, Xpansul, Emerson, Mattias Fridell, Sasha Carassi, Monocraft, Patrick DSP, gennaro mastrantonio, Jeff Rushin, Felix Lorusso, Bodyscrub, Ryuji Takeuchi, Liss C., Flex, Jamie Kidd, Alex Tomb, Reagen, Leghau, Patrick Batemen, Eiht, Andreas Florin, DeKai, Summer, Deepak Sharma, Merino,

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/a-strange-happen/1216795


WMSPC004 – Mike Wall – Puhka Rahus
incl. Mattias Fridell & Bodyscrub Remix


Artists Mattias Fridell, Bodyscrub, Mike Wall
Release Date 2013-12-26
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC004

Description If Pacmen Had affected Mike as Kid – So or so it must have been. With “Puhka Rahus” Mike Wall made his debut on his own Vinyllabel Wall Music Limited. Support comes from Mattias Fridell and Bodyscrub which contribute both a big Remix. Technoid. Crude and with plenty of groove can be played all 4 tracks to peak time Already supported by : Chris Liebing, Gary Beck, Richie Hawtin, Monocraft, DVS1, Torsten Kanzler,Emerson, Flex, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Bart Skills, Patrick DSP, Adam Jay, Audiowomb, Ixel, Attemporal, Dr. Motte, Stefano Lotti, Matt K, Bodyscrub,Deepak Sharma, Submerge,Jam (Jam & Spoon), Andreas Florin, Ryuji Takeuchi, Ground Loop, Miss Sunhsine, Merino, Mas Teeveh, Dekai, Brendon Collin, Patrick Bateman, Plankton, Mattias Fridell, Leghau, Felix Lorusso,

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/puhka-rahus/1198835

WMSPC003 – Andiamo – Sooner

Artists Andiamo
Release Date 2013-11-22
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC003

Description Two machines, two people, a lot of ideas. That’s Andiamo. Born of passion, experience, and idealism, it was only a matter of time until this project saw the light. Two characters, two ideas, one project. ANDIAMO. The names of the songs need no explanation. They consist simply of letters, numbers and random combinations.

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/sooner/1187957


WMSPC002 – Jeff Rushin – Paranoia Strikes Deep
Incl. Rocco Caine & Acensor + Ixel Remix


Artists Rocco Caine, Acensor, Ixel, Jeff Rushin
Release Date 2013-10-08
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC002

Description Jeff is currentlly focusing on his famous ON sell-out parties, specialising in underground locations, which breathe techno! ON represents a powerful mix of electronic music, a sublime atmosphere and unique location allowing the DJs to really immerse the crowds into the underground techno scene! ON has invited well-respected DJs including Chris Liebing, Gary Beck, Tommy Four Seven, Brian Sanhaji, Monoloc, PSYK, Mike Wall, Ixel and Rosie, together with talented local DJs, triggering an amazing breadth of sound. Remixers are Rocco Caine from Drumcode & Acensor from Kanzleramt and Ixel from Wall Music & Genesa.

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/paranoia-strikes-deep/1158748

WMSPC001 – Minuszwei – Chromatic
incl. Cassegrain & Mike Wall Remix


Artists Mike Wall, Cassegrain, Minuszwei
Release Date 2013-08-28
Labels Wall Music
Catalog WMSPC001

Description The Berlin based DJ and Wall Music-artist Minuszwei presents with his new “Chromatic EP” his latest work. Included two great remixes from Mike Wall & Cassegrain. already supported by : Chris Liebing , Sasha Carassi , Speedy J, Torsten Kanzler, Drumcomplex, Xavier Morel, Ryuji Takeuchi, Ixel, Felix Lorusso, Rene Walther , Stefano Lotti, Mike Wall, Daniel Munkelberg, Miro Pajic, Stefano Lotti, Patrick Bateman, Jeff Rushin and many more

Link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/chromatic/1137563