geoff bell
Active as a DJ since 2003 and as a producer since 2004, Berlin-native Geoff Bell continuously developed under different aliases, but always maintained fragments of all electronic music styles in his repertoire. Therefore, he can fathom the massive scope of musical fine-tuning between propelling Industrial Techno and Modern Minimal today. What sounds perverse, is originality combined with a strong propensity towards the experimental. This is the way his sophisticated, unique sound arises in his adoptive home Stuttgart for many years.

His entire work exudes the versatility of a magnificent mosaic that features just as interesting sounds for the casual listener as for the proven connoisseur. A convincing artistic synthesis considered from a distance and an invitation to be a stickler for details from close up, detached from every context. So the illustrious discography on labels like WallMusic LTD, Frucht, Kaputt, Coal, MIRMusic and Numbolic Records, where his career started after the Zurich duo Dualism had recognized his talent, is self-explaining.

Geoff is a producer, who wouldn’t ever listen to reason what he has to produce in accordance with the zeitgeist. A DJ, who surprises again and again and has a clear message in all styles. A Live Act, which lives the highest form of individuality. And an artist, who never acts by courtesy to the audience.


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