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Saam (Sam Vermeer)is a Tech House & Techno DJ / Producer / Live artist from the Netherlands. As a seven years old boy he started playing guitar and at the age of 13 he started DJ-ing. He bought two turntables and a mixer and started taking DJ lessons every week. After playing vinyl for 3 years he started to play with cd’s as well. Since than he got familiar with songs from Tech House & Techno artists and he started to develop his own style. We did a Small Interview with Saam about Him and his newest Album II / out on Wall Music

How did you get into music?

My father is guitar teacher so I learned playing music when I was around 7 years old. When I was 13 I started to take dj lessons every week. As my teacher was playing vinyl only, I learned playing vinyl only at first. My Style was techno & techhouse. After this I start producing with Ableton Live.

This is your first album, How long did it take to produce II and how important is the Trackorder for you?

It tooks around 4 weeks to produce the tracks, Some tracks are older titles I have worked up new.
I made the track order quite variable so it is nice to listen from begin to end. For example the first track is beginning with a melody only and build up from there. And also the last track which is a more experimental track.

You’re just playing live! Does this have any particular reason?

That’s true, Im a Liveact. I motivate myself . It makes me fun to play my own music and not always set the same tracks
I combine my own tracks with live improvisation on my hardware gear / analog equipment. I can improvise more in a live performance . I can respond better to the people because I only play my own stuff . As a result, I ‘m better in my music

What does the Title means to you?


The title is called “II” because it is the second year I’m working with mostly analog equipment for my productions.

Where can we see you live soon?

My next Livegig will be 2nd May at Schones Wochenende in Nijmegen where I will be closing down the main area.

What can we expect in the near future?

From next month my bookings will be handled by trough Ravage Agency. I will also be releasing on their vinyl label. Some international bookings will follow, but I can’t tell much about that right now.

What was your inspiration for the album?

I wanted to produce my songs with analog equipment. Some Club Tracks and some listening stuff.
A little more dub , some titles with more with melody . I also live in a small village near Alkmaar (Koedijk). This is a place where I got my inspiration from, the landscapes and the emptiness of my village.


We look forward to his first artist album. Impulsive Melodic techno. Saam has released several Album with us. The more we look forward to his album on Wall Music. 11 massive tracks reflect his current musical knowledge. Each title is unique in its form. In 2013 Saam started to play live acts, with exclusively his own tracks. In the act he plays live with drum computers, a lot of MIDI controllers and outboard equipment. This way he has a lot of more to do on stage and has a lot more interaction with the crowd, and because he only plays his own material, it is easier for Saam to completely get into his music, because it gives him more variation as with a dj set.

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